Thursday, February 24, 2011

Winter Redux

Somewhere this last week, our progress toward Spring was derailed and a low pressure system off the Pacific literally collided with some arctic air out of the Frazier Valley in British Columbia to create what the local TV news station is calling "Winter Blast".  They seem to like to name any weather phenomena that colors outside the box of our normal weather patterns.  As I waited for my car pool buddy to arrive this morning, I marked the snowfall in my yard by walking around and taking some photos.

In this storm, which started yesterday about rush hour, we have seen many different types of snow.  Corn snow, hail, fine light flakes and fat, wet flakes measuring almost 2" across.  It piled up to about 5" total overnight.  This is the view out the back deck (built by Bob).

Our ornamental Cherry tree in the back yard was covered.

As was the sweet gum at the top of the stairs.

The snow also bestowed jaunty little winter hats on the dead Sedum blossoms in the garden.

This photo came from the very margin of the deep eave on our house just outside the front door.  It reminds me of a map of an archipelago.

The last surprise that I found was out front in our cul de sac. 

These were created by my husband leaving for work and the newspaperman as he swung through our neighborhood delivering our newspaper. I can't decide which orientation I like better.

I have lots more photos, but I am experiencing photo rotation difficulties tonight.  That means that every single one of these shots had to be rotated several times and uploaded several times before they actually uploaded with the correct orientation.

This quickly curtails the joy and desire to post more pictures, but I will post one more photo to show you all why I am so willing to give up on this tonight and run downstairs to sew.  One of my recent efforts since my return from Tucson. Sweet,  It posted with the correct orientation the first time. 


  1. Ellen, you should not be having these image orientation problems. I suggest trying another Blogger theme (they are easy to switch in and out) and see if the theme is the problem.
    Cause that's a stupid waste of time, and not a common problem.

    Love the snow pix!

  2. Correct orientation or not, I always enjoy reading your posts & checking out your photos.

  3. I love the photos!