Thursday, February 10, 2011

Get 'er done and get on to the fun.

Yes, I am guilty of taking a full week to make my next blog entry.  I have been busy with getting the suicase unpacked and the contents put away or at least taken down to the vortex called my workshop.  10 hour days at work and then an hour or two trying to complete all of the booking for our European Vacation ( w/o Chevy Chase).  Having trouble finding a place in Bavaria that doesn't require a full week's rental.   Evening is spent sending off inquiries that have negative replies the next day.  If it's long-winded and in German, it gets forwarded to my daughter in Germany for the terse translation:  "nope".

Usual Seattle weather for this time of year.  Chilly...but sunny which is forgivable and of course the usual curse of sunny weekdays and rainy weekends.  Can't get my head wrapped around taking pictures, but the bright side is that once I get the vacation plans finished, I will be on the hunt for a new camera!  Woohoo!  Being married to Bob, that means that I have to do all of my homework to be able to explain WHY I want to buy the camera that I finally select.  It's like having to show your work on a math problem.

The few minutes that I manage to steal before bed time are spent sewing a new purse.  A(nother) interest recently picked up.  I need to research ADD.  Did someone say "squirrel"?


  1. Great to see you writing
    we thought you might be hiding

  2. Well, even though it's been a week, I am glad to hear from you and look forward to seeing the pictures you take with that new camera.

  3. Is the new purse made from the new pants?

  4. Nope. Not yet. I'm trending towards COLOR! And lots of it!

  5. "SQUIRREL!"

    I don't think there's any hard and fast rules about the frequency in which one should blog. Sometimes life gets in the way. Sometimes it takes time to process all of the information absorbed. The blog is your's and you shouldn't think of it as an extra obligation or a responsibility necessarily, but something you do because you enjoy it and because it connects you with the world. It is a powerful vehicle to learn from and to grow from. So enjoy it!

    Even though it has been a week, it was totally worth it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! And good luck! Can't wait to see what camera you pick out! Although I think you're doing mighty fine with the one you've got!