Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Boundless - another in a series of word assignments from Andrew

I've been thinking on this one all week and I keep coming back to one point of time in my life where I felt absolutely limitless for a brief moment.

I don't remember what year it was or even which state I lived in at the time.  I simply remember having a wonderful flying dream.  I don't remember the details other than it was a lucid dream - one where I knew that I was having a flying dream.  I remember feeling absolutely and incredibly bouyant and filled to the brim with light, joy and serenity.  I remember telling myself that I wanted to remember the dream and feelings once I awoke. 

The next morning, I woke up and the memory of the dream quickly rose back up in me and I carried those lovely feelings with me into my day.  I can't say how long they stayed with me, but thinking back on them now calls up a stirring of that goodness. 

I shared this with Bob while we cleaned up dishes after dinner and he told me that as a kid, he had flying dreams all of the time.  He said that all he needed to do was jump in the air and he'd be off.  He never flew too high, but he stayed up there for quite awhile.  I know that many people have never had one of these dreams and  I know that I haven't had one for quite a long time.  Bob says that he can't recall having a flying dream since he became an adult, but then he doesn't often remember his dreams if he does have one.

I know dreaming has something to do with the length and the quality of the sleep also.  I have only recently begun to sleep soundly through the night after a long spell of many sleepless nights in a row and I notice that the dreams are starting to come back.  Maybe I'll have another wonderful flying dream soon.  This time I'm going to write it down or better yet, try to recreate it in photos.  Then I'll be able to take it out and enjoy any time I wish to do so.

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