Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Making up for lost (Internet) time

I've always found that going back and trying to remember what I did the day before when I get behind on posting is tough.  There are so many memories and impressions, that it all begins to jumble.   I'm still able to see in my mind's eye the black patent leather loafers with the oil slick finish from the day I arrived.
After not falling asleep until after 3a, I was woken up too early Tuesday morning.   Remember all of the scaffolding in the area that I mentioned?  Well one is across the street from the flat between buildings and they park the their truck immediate ly below my windows.  Here's the picture, but try to imagine the noise of all those old metal fittings being thrown into the bed of the truck.
The construction goes on apace...

I take a different path to the museum each day to make sure I see something different each day.  Tuesday,  I learned about the trash bags on the sidewalks in front of the houses.  It looked kind of like trash day, but not everyone had trash out.  Then I saw this sign and it all made sense.
Due to the fact that the streets and the sidewalks are rather narrow,  the trash does present an obstacle when out walking.  To carry this baggy in the street story a little further, I took this photo the day before.
These are specially made little baggies that are meant to hold your doggy's droppings.  At least, that's what they say on them.  However, I didn't see a sign like the one above that says which days someone will collect them.  A few feet further along was another pile (!)  or two in plastic bags like we use at home.  Wouldn't it be swell if we could all have those little plastic bags collected by someone?  Multiple weekly trash collection and dog poop removal.  I wonder how much this costs the citizens of London?

Saw a lot more interesting things at the museum.   Here is a close-up of a small stained glass that I thought seemed a bit contemporary for the era.  
I'm feeling a little quirky and in the interest of catching up, this entry is going to take a turn for the worse.  Uh oh.  Here goes, odd photos with little commentary.

This is a piece of tin glazed pottery created about 700 AD.  If you ask me this guy looks REALLY familiar.  He could be the guy who came to work on your furnace last week or the guy that runs the newstand downtown.  This face belongs to the mythical "every man".  Have you ever thought about how people's faces are nothing more than composites of a few varying features?  Long nose?  Thick lips?  Maybe the furnace guy is RELATED to  Mr. 700 AD.   Oops that ran a little long.
This next photo is a another close-up detail of the tassel on the boot of a Roman looking soldier in a marble carving.  If you ask me, it looks like the nose and tongue of a dog.  If I had a Sharpie, I could draw on the rest of the face so you would see what I mean. 
The next one is a close up of a tapestry depicting a hunting scene, replete with horses, dogs, bears, boars, servants and noble ladies and men.  I had a hard time getting past how the horse had a face like a flounder...with both eyes on the same side.   No, really, I appreciated the tapestry.  Honest.  just saying... 
Ahhhh.  The tapestry skeleton with the uni-brow.
This must be where Disney get its ideas.
I'm not too sure what these are...lighters?  The juxtaposition was good.  But seriously, what do you do with the one in the middle.  Take it to a bar with you and leave it on the counter as a suggestion or what?

Next.   The Underground.  This one was creepy looking.  I couldn't take my eyes off of it.
They're also running this in commercial form on TV.
Last but not least.  YOU do the math.

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