Friday, January 28, 2011


The beginning.  That's right here.  I'm not sure where I am headed, but I'll arrive eventually.  So, off like a prom dress.

I'm here in Tucson in a workshop with some great people.  The idea is to live in the moment, be aware at multiple levels and above all else, HAVE FUN.  That's the message loud and clear.
Our first stop, a real treasure trove, was at the Copper Country Antiques Mall.  Unlike the antique malls in Seattle, this one lacked the sham veneer of trying to be upscale.  The good, the bad and  the ugly was tucked, jammed and overflowing the space inside.  Photos of the adventure follow.

This is a portion of  a 16"x20" framed collection of butterfly wings mounted in a kaleidoscopic pattern.  The lavendar-turquoise was actally iridescence.  At a different angle, they were pearly gray.

A great example of something that leaves one speechless.  This is one that I have to ask you "What would you do with this if you received it as a gift?"

In one of the locked cases there was a shelf filled with these little cuties.  I liked the expressions on these two best.

This item, I cannot determine:
  1. what happened?
  2. why didn't they just throw it away?
  3. should this have been in the thrift shop section?
  4. who will buy it?
Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.  I must be blind...

 I'm thinking of calling this "Porthole to a Crowded Universe"  (Sad to admit, this looks like my workshop at home).

At this point I realized that my watch was still on Seattle time and instead of having 1 hour and 25 minutes left, I only had 25 minutes left (Arizona doesn't follow daylight savings time).  As I rushed through the remaining 2/3 of the store, I noticed ths ammonite lamp.  I would have LOVED to take this home with me.  It had a tidy price of $500 on it so I settled for a photo that doesn't do it justice.  I really was drawn to the warm glow it cast. 

After lunch, which was prepared by our hosts Kate and Andrew, we visited an eclectic used clothing store and Kate came up to me and suggested that I take several pictures of the antlers on the wall from different angles.  She said that what I see looking at it with my naked eye is different than what the camera will see. 

Here's where I started.  I like the shadows in this one.  You're most likely going to see more of them here.

Then, there was this cool thing in the front of the store that was fun to photograph.  I sure wish I noticed what it was...

So endeth this post.  I didn't think I'd be able to get this far and am quite pleased with myself!


  1. Absolutely fantastic photos, Ellen!

  2. Oh, I covet that ammonite lamp too! That last photo of yours, Ellen, is especially fabulous - I love the layers of light and shadow.

  3. I'd be pleased too! You've done a wonderful job capturing images and your voice rings clear and true here on your blog. I love how the images of the antlers were transformed into abstract images, a streak of curving ivory on a field of robin's egg blue. How wonderful.