Saturday, June 25, 2011

20,000 steps across Paris

We just finished our first full day in Paris.  Flight over was uneventful for the most part...that's a story for another day.

We're all bushed.  We made it to the Eiffel Tower by 9:30 this morning and the lines already snaked across the pavillion under the tower.  We stood in one of the long lines to purchase the tickets and then took the first elevator to the 2nd level platform.  From there you stand in line to catch the elevator to the top.  As the day started out overcast and cool, it was a little chilly up there but mainly on the western side.  The Japanese have been replaced as the country providing the highest numbers of tourists by the Swedes, Poles and Russians.  The place was absolutely packed with these denominations of tourist.
Lots of nice architectural shots to be had here...
The usual suspects...
The long lines seen from the second level.
After we descended from the first level platform via the stairs, we walked through the Rue Cler neighborhood so touted and beloved by Rick Steves totally by chance.  We purchased some lovely fruit, sliced lunch meats, bread and a ripe and runny camembert which we ate back at our apartment.
After a nap (all of us!) we headed back out and spent the early evening at Sacre Coeur, just missing the chance to go up into the dome.   Below is some odd artwork found on a wall.
We walked back down the hill and caught the Metro to the Latin Quarter where we proceeded to locate and devour a very nice dinner.  By dessert we all realized how tired we were and no wonder.  It was almost 11 by the time we left the restaurant.  The Latin Quarter was still hopping at that hour.
Quick trip home on the Metro and then ready for bed.  The kids crashed about 50 minutes ago, Bob 30 minutes ago and I am pushing the edge of the envelope to get this entry in.  Unlike other trips, we've simply been too busy to work on this blog.  Hopefully, the pace will slow down or we'll drop!

Which brings me to the title of this post!  Back home, Boeing is doing another fitness program this year with it's employees.  This means that Bob is wearing a pedometer at work as well as on vacation.  Today he/we logged over 20,000 steps; a lot of those up and down towers, through Metro stations and of course Montmartre.  No wonder we're all tired!


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  1. AH! Paris in the summer - hot.
    That's why wiser heads go in the spring and fall.
    But when I was 19 off the USS Midway, I was in Paris in the winter. It was quite different.
    Of course that was 1947.

    I envy you.